About Studio Woodworkers Australia

Studio Woodworkers Australia (SWA) is a national organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting professional designer makers working in wood. Founded in 2011, it comprises both Accredited Members and General Members. This Studio Woodworkers Australia (SWA) website provides a portal through which prospective clients can find professional designer/makers and artists whose work in wood is characterised by a high level of individuality and quality.

If you are looking for a special piece of furniture or woodwork to buy, order or commission, which features excellent design, making, finishing and after-purchase service, then the Membership Directory and Gallery of SWA is the place to start your search.

Studio Woodworkers Australia offers a comprehensive Directory of Members, where you can browse, select and contact professional and experienced makers directly, to buy or order their work. Some have websites showing designs that can be ordered.

Alternatively, if you have a particular purpose in mind, you can ask a selected maker to design and make a piece specifically for you. The process of Commissioning items made in wood from a skilled professional woodworker in this way offers an engaging and rewarding collaboration between you and the maker. (See more about commissioning)

  • Accredited Members: have been peer-assessed to high standards, and can assure clients of the best quality of designing, making and service. Each is identified as an Accredited Studio Woodworker (ASW), and has a special page in the SWA Gallery.
  • General Members: are professional designer/makers who have not yet submitted to the accreditation process.

Studio Woodworkers Australia’s Directory of Makers provides the best source of information for anyone wanting to commission or buy high quality, studio woodwork.

Latest News

Studio Woodworkers Australia carve niche with Felder-Group Australia

Studio Woodworkers Australia, a national organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting professional furniture designers and makers working in wood, is delighted to announce a unique sponsorship deal with Felder-Group Australia.

The two-year agreement will see Studio Woodworkers Australia (SWA) and Felder-Group Australia strengthen the affinity that exists between furniture, and machinery makers in Australia, and includes an undisclosed financial sum. Phoebe Everill, SWA president and furniture maker, welcomed the milestone sponsorship deal as ‘an exciting step forward for the SWA and Felder-Group Australia’.

Stefan Kremer, managing director Felder-Group Australia, said the deal is ‘a natural marriage between the top of the range machinery manufacturer, and the top of the range makers and designers’.

‘It absolutely makes sense that the people manufacturing the best machines should be supporting the people with the best skills and ability to use them properly,’ Mr. Kremer said.

Studio Woodworkers Australia was established in 2007 to promote the work of some of Australia’s most acclaimed makers and designers in wood, including Tony Kenway, Leon Sadubin, David Upfill Brown (pictured above) and Neil Erasmus, many of whom already use Felder-Group Australia’s machines. As part of the sponsorship package makers will give demonstrations on Felder-Australia machinery at wood shows and exhibitions nationally.

For more information or images please contact Alex Speed speedfitch@bigpond.com or 0488 992791


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