An Accredited SWA member demonstrates a commitment to certain standards and assures clients of the best quality and service

An Accredited SWA member demonstrates a commitment to certain standards and assures clients of the best quality and service

What is the SWA

Studio Woodworkers Australia (SWA) is a national organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting professional designer makers working in wood. Founded in 2011, it comprises both Accredited Members and General Members. This Studio Woodworkers Australia (SWA) website provides a portal through which prospective clients can find professional designer/makers and artists whose work in wood is characterised by a high level of individuality and quality.

Buy directly from our members

Studio Woodworkers Australia offers a comprehensive Directory of Members, where you can browse, select and contact professional and experienced makers directly, to buy or order their work. Some have websites showing designs that can be ordered. Visit our shop…

Commission a member

If you have a particular purpose in mind, you can ask a selected maker to design and make a piece specifically for you. The process of Commissioning items made in wood from a skilled professional woodworker in this way offers an engaging and rewarding collaboration between you and the maker.

If you are looking for a special piece of furniture or woodwork to buy, order or commission, which features excellent design, making, finishing and after-purchase service, then the Membership Directory and Gallery of SWA is the place to start your search.

What does it mean to be an SWA Member?

Accredited Members

Accredited Members have been peer-assessed to the highest standards through a stringent application process. This means they can assure clients of the best quality of designing, making and service. Each is identified as an Accredited Studio Woodworker (ASW), and has a special page in the SWA Accredited Member Gallery.

General Members

General Members are professional designer/makers who have not yet submitted to the accreditation process.

Latest News

Chair Report – AGM – August 20th 2017

The year passed has been huge for SWA, we have achieved so many goals advanced by our members as being important. I believe it is really good to take a moment to congratulate the board and its sub-committees for the enormous efforts they have put in. Achievements: We...

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CHATOYANCE – Master Woodworkers Exhibition

CHATOYANCE – Master Woodworkers Exhibition

SWA exhibition – Chatoyance - at Sturt Gallery Mittagong NSW // February 18 to April 8 2018 Thirty members of Studio Woodworkers Australia will be exhibiting at Sturt for 7 weeks early in 2018 continuing an investment in objects well made that started there in the...

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