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Application form for Accredited Membership in WORD format

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Requirements for Accredited Application

The first step in becoming Accredited is to become a General Member. All existing General Members are encouraged to apply for accreditation and receive greater profile and extra benefits.

Studio Woodworkers Australia is a national organisation providing support and benefits to practising professional designer-makers and artists working in wood. SWA fosters high level skills and innovation among members and facilitates the promotion of members and their craft to the Australian and international community

  • I am a General Member of SWA and make this application to become an Accredited Member.
  • I agree to have my name and contact details (City/ town/ suburb & phone numbers only) and description of my practice (based on information below) placed in the Gallery in the Directory of Members on the SWA website.

Please supply the following with this application:

1. Maker’s statement: 300-400 words

  • Scope of practice: what you make eg. furniture, bowls, objects, clocks…
  • Source of designing and making ideas: what influences your design ideas: materials, forms, historical, cultural, aesthetic, social..
  • Experience: training, length of time, previous occupations…
  • Approach to woodworking practice: solo studio? group workshop? employ staff? contract out? make and teach?
  • Exhibitions/commissions/collections: examples that demonstrate what potential clients might be interested in.

2.    Photographs and captions:

  • Please supply up to 12 digital images of your work .
  • Please supply one portrait digital image of yourself .
  • Work should be professionally photographed on a plain or neutral background, with even lighting.
  • To be sent as professional quality images at a fine or high-resolution camera setting of at least 2480 x 3508 pixels, as jpegs of about 5MB, to be able to print out at least at 300dpi at A4 size.
  • These will be filed by SWA and adapted for the web page, and any other future project that may be offered to and discussed with you.
  • Images must be accompanied by a list of explanatory captions including: Name of maker, form of work (eg. table), title (if any), year made, materials, processes. Dimensions (h. x w. x d. cm). Photo: by . . . (Photographic credit will be included if provided.) • Each image must be identified with a code that links to the list of captions (eg: your initials, number, object; for example ‘XX, 3, side table’. )

3.    Referees : Contact details of 2 referees for your professional practice (email address and/or phone number)

4.    Your CV : ( eg. biography, education, employment, exhibitions, commissions, reviews etc)

Method for Uploading Required Documents and Images

Within 48hrs of completing this registration, an email will be sent to you with details of how to upload the required documents to dropbox. This does require dropbox registration.

If your have any questions

Other ways to send documents and images.

  • post on a CD/DVD or USB stick to Steve Harper, 12 Burraddar Ave Engadine NSW 2233.
  • up to 5MB file size attached singly to emails, sent to

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