SWA exhibition – Chatoyance – at Sturt Gallery Mittagong NSW

// February 18 to April 8 2018

Thirty members of Studio Woodworkers Australia will be exhibiting at Sturt for 7 weeks early in 2018 continuing an investment in objects well made that started there in the 1940s.

All of the diverse pieces made especially for this exhibition will be for sale.

This exhibition also couples some of the accredited and general members of SWA in collaborative or mentoring associations to combine strengths in design and making, to place some even more extraordinary work among that of the accredited members.

The first two days of this exhibition will coincide with Sturt’s burgeoning “Tools and Techniques” weekend www.sturt.nsw.edu.au so one can indulge in viewing fine furniture and other objects as well as the finest woodworking tools available and the wherewithal to use them.

We recommend that those of you wishing to avoid the crowds, who are looking only for that special piece of furniture or art work visit a little after this – but not too soon afterwards because it may be sold!

Exhibitions like this give you the opportunity to engage very personally with the wide range of work that Studio Woodworkers Australia represents. If you do not see the object there to fulfil your specific need you will have a very good idea of which SWA member to approach to design for you the piece that you do want.

See you there!