Studio Woodworkers Australia was formed to promote awareness of fine woodwork and provide ongoing professional development to artists and designer/makers specializing in wood. Being a general member/accredited member gives public assurance of high quality work and brings attention and recognition to every other SWA member.

SWA supports a wide variety of professional woodworking styles and genres, so if you’re a professional artist or designer/maker, being in SWA helps promote your business: SWA’s directory of makers is the primary source for anyone wanting to buy or commission studio woodwork. And achieving accredited status demonstrates a commitment to certain standards and assures clients of the best quality and service.

SWA membership categories:

$110: General (Click here)

$550: Accredited ($550 for first year,$220 in subsequent years) (Click here)

Complimentary, honorary membership is by invitation from the Board, to institutions and individuals to promote the activities of SWA.

All membership levels include:

▪   a listing on the SWA website

▪   benefitting financially from the SWA’s advocacy platform for members

▪   receiving announcements and discounts for SWA conferences

▪   regular newsletter and website updates

▪   advice when you need it from other professionals

Accredited members also receive:

▪   all of the above with a more ‘co-ordinated’ presence on the SWA website

▪   a web page with bio, pictures and contact details

▪   press releases and access to the SWA publicist

▪   Inclusion in Studio Woodworkers Australia’s Directory of Makers, accredited member exhibitions and catalogues

▪   Assurance to clients of your professionalism and skill level

▪   Collective marketing and advertising opportunities

▪   Peer recognition as an accredited studio woodworker

▪   Invitations to participate in tenders and special exhibitions

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