Studio Woodworkers Australia supports a wide variety of professional woodworking styles and approaches, so if you’re a professional artist or designer/maker, being accredited by SWA helps promote your business: SWA’s Directory of Makers is the primary source for anyone wanting to commission or buy studio woodwork. It assists buyers to find your work and raises your market profile. Being identified as an Accredited Studio Woodworker  (ASW) demonstrates a commitment to certain standards and assures clients of the best quality and service.

Benefits of accreditation

▪   Inclusion in Studio Woodworkers Australia’s Directory of Makers, accredited member exhibitions and catalogues

▪   Special entry in the Accredited Members Gallery on the SWA website as an introduction to you with a direct link to your own website. Accredited Members will be advised on the format for text and photographs to be supplied to SWA.  (see draft below..)

▪   Assurance to clients of your professionalism and skill level

▪   Collective marketing and advertising opportunities

▪   Peer recognition as an accredited studio woodworker

▪   Invitations to participate in tenders and special exhibitions

Becoming accredited

Completing an application for accreditation requires supplying 12 quality images, a CV, artist statement and contact details for two professional referees. Payment for accredited membership is made when submitting the accreditation application [download link to accreditation application]. A review panel of three accredited members assesses all accreditation applications. The Board of Directors reviews the panel’s recommendations and confers formal accreditation when an applicant is successfully assessed against the following:

1        Making

•      understanding appropriate use and selection of materials

•      appropriate construction techniques and methods

•      appropriate surface treatments

•      Innovation and/or originality in making products, artworks or objects

2        Design

•     ability to design objects appropriately strong and stable

  • knowledge of and application of aesthetics

•     ability to design objects that are “fit for intended purpose”

•     innovation and/or originality in design of products, artworks or objects

3        Communication

•     written and/or oral presentation skills
•     visual presentation skills

4    Professional Practice

•     demonstated experience as a practising designer maker and/or artist


Payment for Accredited Membership
Application form for Accredited Membership in WORD format


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