The year passed has been huge for SWA, we have achieved so many goals advanced by our members as being important. I believe it is really good to take a moment to congratulate the board and its sub-committees for the enormous efforts they have put in.


  • We have a great new logo which now is the masthead for all our promotional material.
  • An exciting exhibition booked at Sturt Feb 2018 partnering accredited members with general members.
  • Forged a strong bond with VWA with 6 AMs’ exhibiting in Melbourne in October.
  • The start of professional advertising in Vogue Living magazine to benefit all SWA members.
  • Update of our website to take advantage of the increased traffic we are generating.
  • Sponsorship of the AWR L!VE conference with signage and DL cards produced.
  • Achieved some significant constitutional changes that will help SWA move forward.
  • We have generated new membership, both general and accredited.
  • We find ourselves in a far better financial position than we have ever been in.


  • Encouraging more members to take a turn on the board.
  • More sponsorship, we are currently looking toward a number of potential sponsors; AAA*, BBB* and CCC* …….. and of course our continuing partnership with Felder.
  • Expand the advertising to include XXX* magazine and increase the size of YYY* ads.
  • Develop exhibition opportunities in new commercial venues away from our traditional heartlands.


There are so many people involved with this successful year, professionals and volunteers thankyou to all!

The most important thankyou is to Rob Walsh for keeping this whole organisation going.


Phoebe Everill

Chair SWA



[* AAA, BBB, CCC, XXX, YYY have been substituted for specific company names – as info currently in confidence]