How to order or commission

Commissioning work in wood from a skilled professional offers an engaging and rewarding collaboration between you and the maker, as you discuss and refine your requirements and ideas with someone who loves what they do and does it well. An asset is created of enduring and possibly increasing value, that you can admire and enjoy every day.

Professional woodworkers such as the accredited members of SWA not only have artistic and design skills, but also extensive knowledge about, and expertise in materials, finishes and techniques that they use.

The commissioning process involves developing a brief following initial discussion, followed by provision of drawings and possibly models of the proposal so you can visualise the piece. Once a design is agreed, you will receive a quote confirming the design details, the cost and a time-frame for completion. Working with a SWA accredited member results in a handmade item in timber of lasting quality and value.


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Please include you contact details and location and the nature of your inquiry.

For example, you may wish to include detail on the type of item/s you have in mind, its purpose if not obvious, an idea about its size and types of timbers, anything on our or other websites which might be the sort of thing you are inquiring about, preferred budget, an ideal time frame, and/or whether you have a specific SWA member in mind or would like us to canvass our accredited members

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