16 February to 29 March 2020
Sturt Gallery, Mittagong

The heartland of accepted practice is well defined, but new insights take place at the periphery.  This exhibition is an invitation to members to design and make at the edge of their accepted practice.

Edge will be opened by David Boucher of Boucher and Co. designers and craftsmen of art deco inspired fine art furniture and other beautifully crafted timber pieces to Australian and international clients.

We invite you to Edge to participate in promoting sustainability, a healthy environment and healthy living by designing, making and using hand crafted timber furniture and objects made to last and be lived with for generations.

The exhibitors are Evan Dunstone, Matt Dwight, Tony Kenway, Tim Noone, Silvio Apponji, Darren Fry, Alby Johnston, Will Matthysen, David MacLaren, David Muston, Darren Oates, Ben Percy, Andrew Pinnock, David Upfill- Brown, Warwick Wright, Christopher Neal, Thirston Morris, Warwick Jones, Rolf Barfoed, Stuart Faulkner, Ian Higgs, Kanun Onsel, Ruth Thompson, Phoebe Everill, Isao Takezawa, Peter Young, Jim Homann and Mitchell Rice.

Tony Kenway

Andrew Pinnock

David MacLaren