Studio Woodworkers Australia (SWA) is a national organisation established to promote awareness of fine woodwork and design to the Australian and international communities. We foster high level skills and innovation and provide the opportunity for members’ professional development by way of our on-line discussion forum, exhibitions, meetings and opportunities for mentoring.

The SWA has two categories of membership; General Members and Accredited Members. General Membership is open to all woodworkers who aspire to be accredited. Accredited Membership is our way of providing public assurance that they are dealing with a designer maker who has satisfied the SWA accreditation process. Accredited Members are listed in the SWA Directory of Makers which is a primary source for anyone wanting to buy or commission fine woodwork.

All membership levels include:

  • A listing on the SWA website
  • Newsletters and website updates
  • Advice and mentoring from other professionals when you need it
  • Access to the online forum for information and support
  • The opportunity to meet other members at meetings and conferences

Accredited members also receive:

  • Inclusion in the SWA Directory of Makers page on the website
  • Collective marketing and advertising opportunities
  • Invitations to participate in tenders and exhibitions
  • Introduction to selected retailers.

SWA Membership Fees:
$110 incl GST: General Membership Application Form (Click here)
$220 incl GST: Accredited Membership Application Form (Click here)

Established makers are welcome to apply to be an Accredited Memberby simply completing the Accredited Membership Application Form below and paying $330 to cover both the General and Accredited Membership fee. Thereafter you will need to pay the annual Accredited Membership fee of $220.